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<b>Shame of Ukrainian surrogate medicine</b> Hello everyone. The team of journalists found many clients, which BioTexCom deceived. We managed to find dissatisfied customers. We are deceived buyers of BioTexCom organization of reproductive medicine. When was the innovated occasion with them, when company cheated people, we want to write as much critiques as it feasible and to help them. We did a excellent work and search a lot of incidents of negative feedback of organization BioTexCom. All of them you should find in network on request "biotexcom reviews". We decided to support them and help them. With our public help, fewer folk will turn to tricksters. Beneath you can search information from humans who have fallen in atmosphere, which were connected with BioTexCom services. They asked journalists to support them. Oliver and Jane help our team and in team we are searching information and reviewed it. With suggest journalist assistance they compose this story. Thanks for the support Oliver and Jane. When young mothers haven’t opportunities to have babies, they approach to the surrogacy offices. A lot of them are located in Eastern Europe. One of the well-knowns reproductive medicine companies is BioTexCom. There are a lot of people in Germany, who use cater for of them. If to examine biotexcom researches, is it possible to find some of malevolent reviews. At last this firm became famous cause of they don't use DNA one of parents. This company makes a lot of operation without required circumstances. Some of people from Germany, Estonia, Hungary are visit Ukraine and pick up babies. You should read information from Cecilia Rizzika, who is Italian counsel. He told that at first his clients in 2010 come to BioTexCom and visit clinics. At firm medic provided a surrogate mother, who will impregnate with the sperm of the future parent, but sperm wasn’t comprised. About situation future mom get evidence after test. Value of operation was 30.000 euros. <a href=https://biotexcomreview.home.blog/2019/02/12/biotexcom-center-review-news-12-02-2019-2/> More Articles</a> or <a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69oZmCt0l9w>watch video</a> Likewise one of the cases consisted in children who were taken to Poland and Romania. In Ukraine a criminal base has been society for the agency. Also was searched info that a lot of children were understood from void mothers who get a diagnosis of "infertility 1 degree". According to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine BioTexCom is working in 2 big cities of Ukraine. They retrieve some persons who need coins and propose them. A lot of employers of office are working in Kiev in Kirovograd. The second town is one of the most depressive areas all over Ukraine. But criminal group, organized by a urbanite of Moldova and Germany didn’t defray taxes a lot of years. In Italy any of people know BioTexCom perfectly. This company is being discussed at forums. More data you could however search about this situation at link here <a href=https://www.vanityfair.it/news/mondo/16/03/18/utero-affitto-estero> BioTexCom Clinic Reviews </a>. Firm however use fearful conditions. In 2012 Ms. Maria from Ukraine offered for the program of maternity and became ill with hepatitis B. As she said, every time she asked about remuneration and under the contact organization should to pay her 200 EUR every month for existence, vitamins, medicines. For every trimester of pregnancy, she need to receive 1200 euros. All this cash young miss didn’t accept. When later Italian family come to Maria, medics said that she has issues with gestation and it is necessary to pay 8000 euros and to make research. Also, how later wman found out, this kind of research wasn’t necessary to do. Further this in 24 weeks young mother have different issues with her soundness. Girl provided information: “I come to doctors in hospital and they said that I have disease”. About this situation you can however read more at <a href=https://www.bbc.com/ukrainian/features-42995390> Biotexcom Opinion </a>. Today a lot of humans all over the world know that they mustn’t give credence to the BioTexCom company. A lot of customers who used services of this firm don’t recommend to use services of BioTexCom. In firm are working scoundrels. Our estimate of clinic job – 1/10 points. Some humans must be sure, that this firm works as inequitable organization. You need however to know that in firm are working a lot of technical specialists who deleted any comments. We want to give you judgment. Never use services of organization like this if you don’t wish to be combined with criminal or other problems. Today clinic is one of the biggest organizations. Actually, narrow-profile firms in Ukraine don’t allow to do the same things. The basic task – they trace of their reputation and don’t wish minus it. Likewise we advise to read and inspect items in european media, which we are searching. There you can find judgments and guilt from Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and opinions from other people about this firm. However we are searching critiques from administrators who were arranged in clinoc. We are finding doctors who were arranged in BioTexCom. Doctors confirm that BioTexCom use other ways to fool folr all over the world. They also said that specialists don’t care about clients health. 1. Medical staff is not officially working. As rule they asked specialists from other clinics to do the procedure. 2. This serve doesn’t have enough medical facilities. Any doctors must to do operations by their arms. It’s unusual. 3. Services which value is $39.000 doesn’t determine the sex of the child. Also other clinics do it for free and should say needful data. 4. In films which are shown for customers BioTexCom people should see elite apartments. It’s not true. 5. Also managers of BioTexCom said they are whole maternity hospital. In fact, they are renting 4 improved wards in the municipal enterprise Kyiv Maternity Hospital №3. And in the video managers exaggerate and show this state agency as their clinic. <a href=http://wukelandaiyun.cn/>Scam </a>